The Essence of Anatolia: Embrace the Spirit of Cultural Tours in Turkey!

The day will begin with a visit to the Sultanahmet Mosque – the Blue Mosque of which the six minarets rising to high heavens and the domes floating over the sky of the old town. A destination for the true believers since the 17th century. During the visit to the mosque you will have a moment to see the community practising their faith or visitors just trying to take it all in. May be just the architecture and the mysticism. After a short walk you will find another exceptional edifice before your eyes. The St. Sophia – Ayasofya museum. A.D. 537 marks the beginning of the long journey of this holy ground which served 916 years as a church and 480 years as a mosque. Be ready to float in the universe while being watched by the holy Byzantine figures which are the finest examples of the dawn of the Italian Renaissance. Your eyes will also be filled by the images of the magnificient calligraphic works from the hands of the Ottoman artists. Let’s take your place at the Hippodrome. Time to feel the exicitement of the chariot races. Long gone but we can still hear the cheering of the Blues and Greens. The Obelisque, the Serpent Column, The Stone Pillar at the Spina of the hippodrome have all the stories of the time passed. Now it should be the time to eat something. A wide range of restaurants serving Turkish International cuisine are right there at the heart of the of the old town. Byzantine, Ottoman, Turkish recipies meet in the best harmony. The Grand Covered Bazaar built in 1453 is the next chapter of the day. Hope you have your shopping list ready. Not a question we will help you bargain. You against 4000 shops. Spice Market is just the down the road. During the walk you will see the ancient Ottoman Textilers Bazaar on the way. Locals rushing from one shop to the other. What a vividness! There you are. The Spice Market. Before your eyes your nose will catch everything about the Spice market. The Lokum (the Turkish Delight) or the cubic jelly bonbons as described by a traveller in 18th century still sweetens the mouths. Colour your life in the way you like but we recommend to spice your recipies with spices from the Spice Market. Time flies, memories remain.


On this day,the old town ,the Sultanahmet area,in the heart of the city will be explored.During the walking tour the Topkapı Palace and  Hagia Sophia Museums will be visited.After a local lunch at an authentic restaurant ,the Blue Mosque and monuments such as the Obelisque,the Serpent Column at the Roman Hippodrome area will be seen.Before the end of the day, the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market will be last the places before boarding a ferry or yacht for a scenic cruise on the Bosphorus.

Day 1
Two days tour will begin with a visit to Topkapı Palace Museum and followed by Hagia  Sophia museum and the Blue Mosque will be visited.The day will be completed at the Roman Hippodrome where you will see the Egyptian Obelisque and the Serpent Column .The day will be ended with dinner on the Bosphorus or in the old town.
Day 2
The second day in Istanbul will begin wıth a scenic boat trip on the Bosphorus  strait.Palaces,mansions and houses located on the European and Asian banks of the strait.After lunch we  will see the Column of Constantine and shop at the Grand  Bazaar and Spice Market.Dinner will be the last pleasure of the day The excursions are all inclusive and the package covers services such as transportatıon within the city and to/from the airport,lunch  and dinner,Professional Tour Guiding Services throughout,entrance fees to e sites and museums,Bophorus Cruise, Bed and Breakfast accomodatıon in standard room.
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